Join in and write the crowd written play

crowd written play

We’re writing a play. You, me, everyone.

Would you like to help?

Playwrights all over world have so far contributed to the play, which will be performed on the opening evening of Havant Literary Festival. In a brewery.

So far we’ve created a massive online mind map. We’ve collaborated, contributed and completed numerous preparatory writing tasks and now our play is taking shape.

Read the list of characters here.

Write a bit of the play here.

Want to get your name on the list of playwrights? Add it here.

Need inspiration for your next line? Read some of our notes so far.

If you’re a writer, the crowd written play is a great way to jump in at the deep end of collaborative writing. You can’t be precious about your ideas, because you might find them changed or adapted! You need to be able to work with other people’s contributions and accept alterations and feedback.

Accept the ridiculous and the sublime, chat to other writers and have a bash at an entirely new writing experience. Help us write this play.

If you need more information or have questions, or just fancy a chat, get vocal in the Facebook group or @playwrightcrowd on Twitter. Not a social media type? Email us at

Here are the guidelines. Here is some general information about the project.

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