Performing poetry at Rhymes with Orange

Rhymes with Orange spoken wordWhen I started my new job, two of my new colleagues told me they ran a poetry night and I should go along.

I politely agreed and headed there one Wednesday night, along with a few other people from work.

I had never seen such an exciting, vibrant and supportive poetry evening. I have now been to several Rhymes with Orange nights and have to say I am hooked. The first half of the night sees regular poetry performers getting up and performing a short set (about 10 minutes each). Poems range from odes to Tom Daley’s bulge and alka seltzer to poems about TV dinners and thunderstorms.

The second part of the night is open mic, where ANYONE can get up and read one poem they have written. Everyone gets a great cheer from the audience, it’s a friendly and supportive crown to perform in front of. At the end, the open mic performers are judged by a cheerometer and the most popular wins a chocolate orange and the chance to come back next time and perform a full slot in the first half of the night. What I love about Rhymes with Orange is they are a night dedicated to unlocking creativity in other people. The whole evening is designed to inspire and encourage others to get on stage, and they also run great writing sessions and workshops you can go along to for help and feedback.

You can see some of the poems and find out more about Rhymes with Orange on their website, where you should sign up to their mailing list!

So having been to a couple of these I got up on stage and read something I had written, for the first time ever. It was a poem called ‘We are the X-Factor‘ and it won the open mic! Since then I’ve been back and performed a couple of times, here’s my most ridiculous performance – a poem about the Emerald Cockroach wasp or Jewel wasp which I wrote for last time because the theme was Science.

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